IFID is a London based, non for profit organization, started in 1994 to foster modern and progressive voices within Islam. With a vision to promote intellectual enlightenment, social progress and economic prosperity, we believe in reform through education as a critical path towards a better future for the Middle East and North Africa.

Success in a Changing World

(SCW) is a unique life-skills’ package, embedding civic values and working from within Muslims’ faith. It has empowered a new generation of social actors in MENA committed to advancing civic values, pluralism, diversity and human rights.
Many of SCW graduates have become grassroots advocates for civic values from within their respective local communities and culture. SCW graduates have formed, registered, and led 18 local centers in as many cities.
Our decade-old programme thrived, proved universal, and survived the turmoil of the Arab spring. Most recently, we established our programme among Syrian and Yemeni groups in Turkey and Jordan.


In 2009 IFID launched a regional network for its civic education programme in Beirut. under IFID's leadership the network (Success 21) grew steadily. Today, SN21 oversees a total of 47 thriving training centers and youth groups in 11 Arab countries.

SN21 now is a registered non-for-profit company and has an executive team in Amman/Jordan SN21 ensures the sustainability of SCW impact in the region and the diversity of its applications. Through its online platform SN21 brings together the course's alumni to enhance the culture of civility and amplify the voice of youthful civil society in a turbulent region.


IFID is an expanding umbrella organization leading a thriving ‘’Youth Empowerment regional network’’, with branches in more than 16 cities in the region, and a unique approach to social democratisation and modernization stemming from within a Muslim belief system.

Latest News

September 9, 2018

House of Success Yemen

House of Success Yemen in Istanbul / Turkey has completed a 5 day training on Success In a Changing World during which the participants led by gold certified trainer Moulay Ismaili.
September 9, 2018

Success Camp Sudan 2018

Sudanese center for democracy and development working in partnership with IFID and SN21 and in cooperation with Ministry of Youth & Sports.
September 9, 2018

Arab Association for Enlightened Muslim Educators

AAEME held its third conference in Rabat / Morocco 2-3rd September at the Faculty of Humanities – Mohammad V University.
September 9, 2018

International Youth Day 2018

There are currently 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24 in the world. This is the largest youth population ever.

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