The Arab Association for Muslim Educators AAEME launch
By: Yasser
Dec 30, 2014

The Arab Association for Muslim Educators held its third consultative meeting between 14 – 16 May 2016. IFID hosted this meeting in Amman, Jordan in order to kick-start the initiative of the AAME network. The AAME network’s purpose is to bring together organisations that work on ‘’enlightened’’ religious education in contemporary Arab culture. The participants came from 16 different organisations from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Jordan. participants from Iraq, Sudan and Egypt were denied either Entry visa to Jordan or Exit visa from their country (Egypt).The meeting succeeded in electing trustees’ board with Mehriz Al-Edrisi, president of Aljahith in Tunis as chairman, and 6 members. the board held its first meeting then and assigned Obaida Farajullah/young Jordanian activist as an executive director. The participants discussed AAME’s overall strategy, entry points, challenges and opportunities, including the prospect of national associations.

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