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We actively aim at contributing to the development of modernised and prosperous Muslim societies around the globe that are led by visionary and ethical leaders, adding positive value to mankind.


Since its shift in focus in 2003 IFID's mission has been centred around building the capacities and empowering young Muslim social actors with MENA focus who are being equipped intellectually and practically to appreciate the complexity of modern social dynamics to effectively lead CS initiatives that promote social innovation in a critical moment of the Middle East history. To achieve this IFID has been developing an educational course on self and social development, with a unique approach to religion. We are proud to say that our dynamic network of educators, facilitators and activists, known as SN21 regional network, has succeeded in reaching out to more than 20,000 young Arabs in MENA region, establishing 16 successful CS youth hubs in 11 Arab countries and empowering 10 young local leaders with regional and international impact.


Develop & Promote Training Course To develop and promote the training course ‘’Success in a Changing World’’ that seeks to harness youth energy, passion and commitment to build modernised, democratic and prosperous communities. Develop & Nurture Networks of Facilitators To develop and nurture networks of facilitators and trainers on SCW in MENA and Europe regions. Build & Enhance Capacities To build & enhance the capacities of a core group of educators among Muslim youth who will disseminate enlightened views relating to Islam, democracy, pluralism and universal human, political, and civil rights, and build & enhance the capacities of ethical, capable, knowledgeable and skillful young leaders within targeted Muslim societies. Strengthen a Network of Moderate Muslim Thinkers To strengthen a network of moderate Muslim thinkers that will disseminate enlightened views relating to Islam, democracy, pluralism and universal human, political, and civil rights. Provide Professional Advice To provide professional advice and effective support to the organisations who work in the field of education and training for youth within Muslim societies. Audio-visual & Social Network To strengthen & enhance the capacities of IFID as a social enterprise, and utilize audio-visual & social network means to further achieve IFID's objectives.