Our History

The International Forum for Islamic Dialogue was founded in 1994 as a non-profit organisation based in London, UK. We focus primarily on implementing workshops across the globe alongside non-governmental organisations we have partnered with that share our vision.

This organisation was initiated in order to eradicate dysfunctional cultural settings as well as social immobility amongst the Muslim people. Our aim is to help redefine the interpretation of Islam, with a modern approach.

IFID’s first port of call in its colourful journey was to engage Muslim minds initiate debates – the Arabic and English publication, Islam21, reflected the depth of dialogue, presented original concepts and brave new ideas whilst giving special treatment to its new chosen topics.

Today, the Arabic publication, Al Rassid AlTanweeri (The Enlightened Monitor), published by IFID, is deepening the self-critical tradition that was instilled at the birth of this organisation and has been successful in dealing with sensitive and important subjects such as the lack of think tanks and deterioration of higher education in the Muslim world. Our team were pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of our readers to these debates.

At the turn of the century, the rationale in thought was that an educational and training programme is even more vital in achieving the desired objective of change among young Muslims. In 2003, we witnessed the birth of a pilot scheme of the training programme, named then the Muslim Civic Participation (MCP). Since its launch, the training course has distinguished itself effectively by developing the mentality of the youth, employing mental tools encouraging them to study how to think rather than what to think.

Today the renamed, more developed course “Success in a Changing World” (SCW) is an established programme and has succeeded tremendously in at least 10 Arab countries of the MENA area. A network of SCW was set up, under the auspices of IFID, was established in 2009 following the first annual meeting of IFID and their local partners in Beirut 2009.

The organization during the tenure of its first three executive directors was small enough that the focus was on building the foundation and reinforcing its main objective of the running projects. Over the last five years, IFID has witnessed a noticeable increase in projects. From 1st September 2011, IFID proudly introduced a dynamic and young executive director who was appointed to further the organisation’s vision. In that light, a strengthened Board of Directors and an exemplary advisory board became more appropriately arranged in the structure of the organization.

Today the organization is engaging many people in its huge training programme in the MENA region as well as the running of the UK project, a Digital Video project, the AlRassid AlTanweeri Project and the CSAMI (Centre for studies of Arab and Muslim Information) project. IFID work is aided by three websites highlighting the training programme as well the magazine and its monitoring task of intellectual articles and CSAMI.